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Jewellery Making Process

Lemon Jewellery is independently owned by Libby Haines, who operates the business out of her home in Northern NSW. Libby understands the importance of transparency with fashion supply chain and the responsibility Lemon has to ensure the jewellery it produces is made ethically in safe and fair working conditions for all those involved in the process. Libby is committed to improving all aspects of her business and providing complete transparency for her customers.
Libby designs the collections herself, she aims to create original pieces that stand the test of time and are not influenced by trends.  These carefully curated collections are released twice a year in very limited numbers, with the aim to reduce jewellery ending up in landfill.
The jewellery is manufactured in India, made by artisans who work with predominantly traditional jewellery making processes. Libby works closely with the factory's owner Neha to ensure her creations are realised and the pieces are of the finest quality. Neha is transparent about the conditions of her factory, the staff are all paid a liveable wage and work within safe and fair working conditions. They adhere to strict environmental and occupational health and safety standards. The gold and silver used is sourced locally and fair trade certified.
Libby recently made the switch from recycled plastic postage bags to “Dirt Bags” from the Better Packaging Co. These dirt bags are 100% compostable and the sticky tape used to attach labelling is also bio-degradable. The jewellery is packaged in cardboard boxes and within the boxes the jewellery is encased in small plastic bag. Libby encourages customers to keep these bags and the boxes as storage for their pieces as this helps to prolong the life of their jewels and prevent tarnishing.
If you have any questions about the supply chain Libby welcomes all questions, please feel free to get in touch at libby@lemonjewellery.com