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...with Kate Pokrovskaya

Kate Pokrovskaya is a model from Russia living in Northern NSW. Kate was featured in my most recent Lemon Shoot for the injection collection of jewels "Pretty Tough". As well as being a bad arse freelance model Kate has a massive passion for Animals and is a Snake Rescuer. She volunteers for WIRES in Animal Rescue and hopes to run her own shelter one day. Kate and I chatted about her career and her life in general! She's such a genuine person and her kindness just oozes from her. It was such a pleasure to work with, and shoot Kate!!


Name? Kate Pokrovsakya

Location? I'm from Russia but am currently living in Possum Creek, NSW with my partner!

Profession? Model and Snake Rescuer


What’s in your fridge right now? Tempeh

Do you have a phobia of anything? Jumping from heights! I don't mind being up high but the thought of moving scares me!

Who was the last person you texted?  My boyfriend

Savoury or Sweet? Both!

Beer, Wine, Cocktail or Soda? I've actually never drank alcohol in my life so I will say water. Or Kombucha?!

Digital or Film? Film

Favourite Australian Label right now? Too hard! There are so many I love!

Generous or sparing when you spread vegemite? Oh neither, I don't like vegemite, ew.

Toilet roll over or under? Over!



Favourite thing about yourself? My caring nature and my love for animals

Thing about yourself you’re still working on? I would like to be less sensitive and take things less personally I think. It's hard though.

Describe the qualities of your favourite person in your life. Someone who is real. Like my Mum or my partner. They are real and genuine and appreciate everything they have.

Is there a broader issue you are passionate about that you would like to bring attention to through this interview?

(Charity/movement etc) I volunteer at WIRES, a Wildlife Rescue Service and volunteers and donations are always needed!